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G-Fish Gerontidis has been awarded and distinguished in many competitions for the quality and special gastronomic interest of our products.

00 best products | Smoked Sturgeon

100 Greece 's Best Products for our Smoked Sturgeon

Quality Award 2014

Quality Award 2014 from Gastronomos

Innovation Award 2019

Innovation Award 2019 for our Smoked Salmon Liver

Product of the Year 2013

Product of the Year 2013 for our Salmon Spread

100 Top Greeks Award

100 Top Greek Bussiness Man Award 2013

100 Best Greek Products Award

100 Best Greek Products Award for our Smoked Trout

Our Advantages

Among our comparative advantages is the fact that our fish grows in the crystal clear waters of Agios Mamas Taygetos, which flow through our unit, resulting in our fish growing in a perfect environment free of heavy metals !!!

We use organic foods of high nutritional value.

We smoke our fish in built-on ovens with the traditional smoking method and only with beechwood, without additives or chemicals, creating products with a rich aroma and full of taste that melts in the mouth.

Our products are packed in vacuum so that no preservatives are necessary.