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Expotrof 2019 | Gastronomy

«G-FISH Gerontidis»
Smoked salmon liver in olive oil
When I first tested Giannis Gerontidis’s newest G-Fish product, it was difficult to get my jar from my hands, it had become my precious.

With this top product, G-Fish has also descended to EXPORTROF and even won the 1st Innovation Award at the “Cook Greece” competition, within the framework of the Fair.

You would be surprised if you did not win it: the tiny pieces of smoked salmon liver, in a delicious laconic oil, are meats of natural, plain or toasted bread, boiled salads, risotto and pasta.

The product has been released for a while but an ever-growing audience is starting to learn it and the response is enthusiastic, especially by a chef.

The idea of ​​a smoky liver, Yannis Gerontidis, was taken by a Russian friend who applied the technique to sturgeons.

The experiment with the salmon of the farm in Taygetos was successful and the result left you speechless.