Salmon caviar (brioche)

Product Info
  • Kind : Salmon caviar
  • type : bric
  • process : sea salt
  • weight 1 : 50 gr
  • pcs/ box 50gr : 45
  • weight 2 : 100 gr
  • pcs/box 100gr : 18
  • distribution : retail & wholesale
  • lifetime : 4 months


Salmon caviar with sea salt. Fish proteins are of high biological value, essential for tissue structure and recovery of their damages and provide the body with all of them essential amino acids that can not be synthesized by alone and must take them from food. However, its wider dissemination across Europe began in the last few years of Tsarist Russia, when it was included in official chinese meals, thus triggering a rapid growth of an entire mass production industry. It is noted that at that time because both the Islamic and the Jewish religion prohibited the consumption of fish without scales, the fishery for sturgeon and the whole trade of the caviar was passed to Russians and Greeks. One of the most important of these Greeks was Psarianos and later national benefactor Ioannis Varvakis, who had won the favor of Empress Aikaterini, settled in the city of Astrakhan of the Caspian, where he worked on caviar and produced a large factory. In a very short period of time, it dominated the markets of the Ottoman Empire, Persia and Egypt. .

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